It all begins as an idea to make career information accessible. https://legitjobs.co.za/ it is Jobs Portal, that currently has 3 members in the team that are dedicated their time to providing up to date career information.

Why https://legitjobs.co.za/?

because you will find all kinds of career information from jobs, internships, learnerships & student Bursaries. We are dedicated and committed to giving our users all this information free of charge.

When did https://legitjobs.co.za/ jobs start?

at the beginning of 2020, our team were busy sharing jobs on social platforms. in the meantime growing capital to build Jobs Portal, Final we have https://legitjobs.co.za/ where you can easily access up to date jobs.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide up to date career information for all who need it and keep on making our job portal access to everyone who can access the internet.

Our vision is to keep on mission running in the long term and expand the accessibility to mobile apps.


Seeing people getting interviews from our posts on social media it motivated us to build platforms where they can get all jobs in one place.


Our goal is to stand out as the best and trusted career site in South Africa and keep on providing up to date information to our users.

We are thankful for you to be on our website when you share our website you are helping us to grow. Sharing with love is caring.